This time something more comical. Check out their other videos.


Just posted a link to a video by Vitalic, and was amazed by how many likes it got. More then usually, for my blog. Was this the beginning of new popularity? No. I know I’m probably mostly writing to myself, and that’s okay, since I just enjoy doing so. Maybe I like pretending to write something everyone wants to read, maybe I just like to put care in the arrangement of what I choose to present and how I choose to present it, no matter who’ll see it eventually.

How can I explain those many likes of that one post, though? Easy, yet shocking and infuriating. Since the video is also a parody of america’s way of life, fast food, fast diet, I put the tags “weight gain” and “weight loss” on it. Checking out the people who liked the post, I find that all but one are obvious fake personas that serve as adds for one or another miraculous way of losing weight. Amongst others coffee bean pills and a site about man boobs…

What the fuck? How ignorant, greedy, self centered has the western world become, that fake personas, created solely as adds blindely like any post on the internet that has anything to do with weight gain or loss, in the pathetic attempt to generate consumers?

The sad truth might be that those probably aren’t even americans. Might be indians, might be machines. I don’t care. We apparantly live in a world where nothing is more important then money. This has become clear to me. Money and sex. Anything we ever do seems to be in order to achieve greater amounts of either. I’m sick of it.

To the companies that made those fake personas that liked my post, and I’m very aware of how little influence this might have on you, you make me sad. You make me realize that we humans are not ready to be humans, to use the technology that we have developed some way or another, to use the incredible capacity of our brains, our thoughts, our imagination.

You have made me realize that we are slaves to money and sex. You, who you make those adds, and the people who buy your lies.