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Liricas Analas (Anal Lyrics) is a swiss rap group that raps in Sursilvan, a dialect of the Rumansh Language, a latin language only spoken by a few thousand people in Switzerland. It’s the fourth official Language of Switzerland (Next to German, Italian and French) and only spoken there. Most people in Switzerland don’t speak it anymore, when in the past a majority of the inhabitants of the Swiss Kanton Grisons spoke it. It’s part of the Rhaeto-Romance Languages, which are a mixture of the Latin language, brought by the roman conquerors, the Raetic language, spoken by the pre-european Raetians and the Celtic languages spoken there. Other such languages are Ladin in northern Italy and Friulian in north-eastern Italy.

Yeah, I’m a language freak. I learnt Italian, English, French and Spanish in school, and would like to learn Romansh one day, too. ๐Ÿ˜€


You hear a lot of prejudice about bisexual and pansexual people these days. Mostly because it’s a relatively new concept. First people got used to homosexuals. That took a long time. They understand now, for the most part, that a guy can also love a guy, and a girl can also love a girl.

But now you tell them that they can also love both?

We just keep confusing those “normal” people out there.

I’m bisexual myself. (pansexual?) I haven’t told anyone, yet, but my therapist and online friends. And I felt the need to write about it a little, since it makes me all confused all the fucking time.

Prejudices you hear a lot are:

It’s just a phase

You’re trying to rebel against something

It’s trendy


Well, I think it’s funny that I only hear those things through bisexuals themselves. I never heard someone actually saying that, when they actually believed it themselves. I think most of this things stem from a lot of girls nowadays doing it because it IS trendy. You just gotta admit it. Girls do it, they kiss at bars to get attention, free drinks and self-satisfaction. Guys follow the trend to feel special and different. And because of all those blind-sheep people, actuall bisexuals have a hard time getting recognition.

Another problem is, that many bisexuals make the mistake to come out early. Nowadays kids are very grown up in certain ways. We are a generation that probably knows more about sex then our parents. We learn things not suited for our innocent minds through the internet. That makes us belive we’re grown up, yet. We aren’t. We’re still teenagers and we have to live with the fact that we won’t get taken seriously untill we’re older. If we make statements that strange we have to just be ready for dis-believe.

Finally, I never understood how so many bisexuals try to defend themselves. Why bother? Why even bother explaining how it’s not a phase? Why? If I ever encountered a dis-believer I’d just flat out tell them” SO? So what if it’s a phase? So what if I’ll grow out of it? I feel like this right now. That’s it. I had phases where I only ate sweets and I enjoyed that, so why don’t let me enjoy my bisexuality?”

Well, the truth is, I don’t enjoy it that much. It’s fucking confusing, like I mentioned. I don’t even know where to find someone to date, anymore. I don’t even know if I’d want to date anymore at all. If you even get crap from the homosexual community these days.

Excuse my rant. It’s late and I had some wine. So if I made some grammatical errors or something, just ignore it.

Look what kinda-topic related song I found: