Monthly Archives: March 2013

Saw them live. Just felt like something darker, yet not too dark. No Cannibal Corpse or Gorgoroth or stuff like that. That’d be a bit too much at the moment…


Randomly digging my cupboard for something and finding an old notebook from 2011. Amongst encoded letters to my future self, there was this awesome list:

Awesome Things I’ve done in 2011

1. Lost 39.5 pounds

2. Started jogging

3. Learned to play the guitar

4. Partied hard. (Sometimes too hard)

5. Got a lip piercing

And 2012 is eve gonna be better…!

So I sat right to it and wrote a list of awesome things I accomplished in 2012:

Awesome Things I’ve done in 2012:

1. Finished School. Off to college!

2. Worked in my first proper job

3. Battled depression and suicide attempts

4. Got over depression and suicide attemtps

5. Decided to become an art’s teacher

6. Get informed by art’s school that I’m not good enough to be an art’s teacher

7. Being angry about not becoming an art’s teacher

8. Eventually not giving a crap about not becoming an art’s teacher

9. Working in my second proper job. (Which is tons more fun then the first…)

10. Starting a stupid and pointless blog

Wasn’t that bad of a year, I’d say. Let’s see what’s gonna happen in the rest of 2013!