Monthly Archives: January 2013

Funny story about this band:

I used to hate it. Then, one sunday afternoon, two of my friends called and said they had one ticket left for a concert that night. Me: “Alright, why not, I got nothing better to do. When do I have to take the train?”

Them:” Well, actually it’s the next one leaving. We’re on it already. Run!”

So I ran up to the train station and caught the train in the very last second. Went to be an epic night I won’t forget.

(Tarja or Anette? :D)


Well, I headed out recently to buy a new record. I stumbled upon “Babel”, by Mumford and Sons. Since I really enjoyed the song “Little Lion Man” from this album, I wanted to give it a try.

I first saw the clip to it, and thus, heard the song on tv. Instantly I felt a certain magic. It’s kinda cheesy, but this music just has some fairytale floating within. That’s what I like. It’s simple, small music, if you want, but it’s magical, in a way.

What I also really like is that they have three versions of the album. There’s the regular one, cd in a plastic-case, with a booklet, but then there’s also two others: The “Deluxe Edition” and the “Gentleman of the Road Edition”. Now the DE is simply the main edition, with an extra of three songs (For Those Below / The Boxer / Where Are You Now) and a paper-case, instead of a plastic one. The GOTRE, however is a whole other thing. It’s a little booklet with leather-like paper as binding. It is pretty classy and looks great. It really portrays the flair of the music well, as I think. It includes an extra live cd and a dvd with gigs from their “The Gentleman of the Road”-Tour.

Great is, that the main edition costs 15 bucks, the DE 17 and the GOTRE 24. Because here you pay at least 20 for any usual album, so it’s a nice way to reduce costs for the not so wealthy listener that just wants the get the music. Thank you for that, Mumford and Sons!

(Also, they have a banjo. How cool is that? :D)