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Jack Black and other guys! Yeah!

(Yes, I did this on purpose….)


Well, I recently read a pretty destroying review on this album, which made me quite upset. The points of critique were interprated wrongly, at least in my opinion. Therefore, I would like to set somethings straight to this author.

First of all, here is the original review:

Basically, the biggest point where the author goes wrong is when she states that the lyrics are shallow and empty most of the time. She takes it as reality, as point of view of the artist Marina Diamandis.

Now, my personal opinion, and the opinion of many that have a greater interest in this piece of work is, that this is not at all the truth.
What much rather is the case that the artist createt a character, “Electra Heart”, that is supposed to be quite shallow, empty, only interested in love, money and fame. It’s a portray, a metaphor for what people have become and have begun to idealize in stars. It’s what people want to be. Especially of course, what girls want to be and what boys adore.

It’s a hidden criticism to the society of the present day. If you don’t see behind this curtain, you will accept this as, yet another mindless try of someone, rather noone, to become famous by imitating what’s “hip” and losing the real self, in order to gain fame.

Yet, this is rather the oposite. Marina Diamandis lost her self, in a way. She took the role of “Electra Heart” in order to infiltrate this shallow way of living. She gave herself up in order to create a character, to live a character and show the many flaws of todays way of thinking in popular culture of the youth. She even walked around as “Electra Heart” in her free time, in interviews she’s dressed like her. She was her.

She states herself that this is a role she took for this album solely, a role she will give up again, once she will start working on the next album.

In my opinion she is a great artist by doing so. She devoted herself fully to her art. While the quality of the musical composision seems to have lost something from her debut album “The Family Jewels”, the indept concept and message she put into it has really blossomed.

Maybe I’m reading to much into this. Maybe the author was reading to little into it. This is just how I feel about “Electra Heart” and though I don’t enjoy the music itself as much anymore, I will always value the message that is hidden inside it, the tremendous effort that Miss Diamadis put into it and the genuine honesty that is omnipresent.

If you haven’t gotten into the Diamond-hype, yet, I do recommend to start as soon as possible.

An Artist that really made me fall in love. Sadly her music seems to get progressively less interesting and unique.

The debut album “The Family Jewels”, released in February 2010, was different, interesting and kinda nuts. However, the second album “Electra Heart”, released in April 2012, sounds more stereotypical and manufactered.

I’m not saying it lost all of it’s creativity, but it’s drifting towards standard pop of the present day. Especially the track “How to be a heartbreaker”, which was released on the american version only.

Let’s see where the next album takes us, hopefully to a more crazy place, once again.

Featured in this post, one of my favourite songs of the debut album. Actually, at this point any song is among my favs, but this one particularily rocks. Woop Woop!